The power of big data to transform an industry

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StrainSecure has developed the first integrated blockchain platform that registers and tracks intellectual property for the cannabis industry.

Strain protection and genetic identification are major issues for growers and breeders, and this new technology allows them to identify and secure rights to their valuable intellectual property (IP). The StrainSecure platform also streamlines the administrative process of genetic and mandatory quality-control testing for legal cannabis, cutting the administrative time and expense in half.

StrainSecure: The Big Data Solution to Cannabis’s Biggest Problem

The Market
There is no mistaking the market opportunity. The global cannabis market is projected to be $57 billion by 2027, and could overtake cigarette sales, currently $77 billion. The industry is “fraught with opportunity.”


Governments are taking steps
to legalize a corrupt market


Growers are investing millions,
only to have their IP stolen in the night


Consumers don’t understand
or have confidence in the products they buy

StrainSecure was founded to address these core issues in the market. We’re combining the power of big data with the security of blockchain to provide strain identification, registration and verification available for cannabis at scale.

Cutting-edge technology & science

StrainSecure is changing the way governments, growers and consumers buy cannabis in the next two years. Strain verification and certification for cannabis has gone relatively unnoticed in the cannabis stock boom of 2017-2018. StrainSecure has built a blockchain empowered platform to document and certify each step of the process, from genome to sale. Through the application of the most advanced genomics science and enterprise level technology innovation StrainSecure is helping to transform the whole industry.

Other competitors (including IBM and Microsoft) have portions of the solution, but no other company has architected a comprehensive, fully integrated, closed-loop ecosystem to address cannabis’ biggest challenges.

The results


For Governments:
Accuracy, Transparency, Accountability

StrainSecure helps governments regulate and legalize a substance that, until recently was monopolized by the black markets.  The ecosystem delivers needed transparency to growers, retailers, regulators, and consumers who have struggled to find realistic solutions to these logistical challenges.


For Growers:
Branding and IP empowerment

Cannabis is a complex product with over 400 properties that can change, strain to strain: seed, fiber, cannabinoid content, regional or cultivation environments, growth characteristics, flavor and terpene profiles. StrainSecure technology allows growers to release their varieties into the public domain without fear of losing their ownership claim or rights to be paid for their intellectual property (IP).


For Consumers:
Confidence, Security, Trust

Today, consumers are largely unaware of how cannabis will affect their bodies. Moreover, as an agricultural product, the microbial or chemical makeup of the product can have a detrimental effect on the body and therefore on consumer confidence. StrainSecure’s data and certification system gives consumers the information they need to make informed decisions about the products they choose.

Big data can change an industry

According to The Economist, data is now the most valuable commodity on Earth. It’s more valuable than oil or gold. Google, Facebook and Twitter owe their multi-billion-dollar valuations to it. These industries are valuable because their tools and apps leverage intelligent data, designed to help transform their clients’ businesses.

StrainSecure’s systems follow a similar model. The data entered into its platform comes directly from the growers who are getting their fingers dirty working with assets daily. StrainSecure will have billions of data points on every step of the cannabis logistics chain – from breeders to growers to distributors and consumers.

This data requires a blockchain-driven, open architecture. Although blockchain is most recently associated with cryptocurrency, the world’s data systems are already enabled by secure blockchain API networks.

The driving philosophy behind StrainSecure

BLOCKStrain’s comprehensive monetization strategy

As with Google, Amazon and other data-driven enterprises, there are opportunities to monetize each step of the supply chain.


For Governments[DL5]

  • Enterprise “Mission Control” Software Suite
  • Mandatory Testing Automation ($ made every time a batch is tested)
  • Genetic Testing Automation ($ made every time a strain is tested)
  • DNA Passport Registration ($ made for each genetic registration)

For Growers

  • BLOCKStrain Certification ($ made for each certified product)
  • SaaS for Visibility and Performance Optimization (Monthly fees)
  • Analytics and Metrics (Custom reporting)
  • Custom Software and Enterprise Software Development (Designed for KPI)

For Retailers

  • Back of House Inventory Management Optimization
  • Customer Data and Product Targeting

And while cannabis is a billion-dollar opening, the global grocery industry is $3.2 trillion. This same data-driven supply chain for hundreds of grocery products could leverage the transparency and power of blockchain enabled big data using BLOCKStrain’s secure, transparent system.

Now is the best time
to invest in StrainSecure

As the global cannabis market begins to form, StrainSecure is becoming a key player in integrating and optimizing desperate systems across the industry. We’re leading the charge to develop quality standards across the industry that will be required by governments and big retailers alike.

Five reasons investors should pay attention:

  • The wave to legalize marijuana is fast approaching
  • Intellectual property concerns for growers
  • Blockchain technology in the cannabis industry
  • Data driven solution to many cannabis challenges
  • Major industry partners

StrainSecure is leveraging this pinacle moment to develop strategic partnerships with Canada’s largest producers, retailers, regulatory bodies and labs in the cannabis industry. Our mission is to make global legalization realistic in the not-too-distant future.

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