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When your reputation is on the line

You’ve worked very hard to build your business. You have written large purchase contracts with a number of suppliers. But the nagging questions sometimes remain. Can you ensure that 100 percent of the product going out to the retail outlets is clean? Are you willing to risk your reputation on it? How are you maintaining quality control of all of the product you distribute?

You can trust StrainSecure to help you verify and certify that all of your product has been grown right and has passed through all of the correct testing and screening process. StrainSecure has joined with leading Licensed Producers and Labs to develop an ecosystem of verification. Leveraging the immutable power of the blockchain, we track the data from genome all the way to the retail shelf. As we work to stomp out cannabis contraband through the power of big data, you can now be confident that the product you put your name on is certified and verified.  This level of transparency will result in a new level of trust and confidence throughout the cannabis supply chain.


Your customers are calling for transparency

You’re at the front lines of an industry sea change. With increased legalization in both medicinal and adult-use cannabis, the opportunities for retailers are tremendous. But as the industry changes, customers are continuing to change. While regulators are seeking to reign in growers and labs, there is still a gap in quality and certification that leaves consumers unsettled. And as articles continue to be published each week about tainted and compromised product, consumers are starting to wise up. Or even worse, they are losing confidence in the marketplace.

One of the most common questions budtenders are being asked is, “Is this organic?” What consumers are really asking is, “Has this been tested? Did the grower use pesticides? What about mold? Is it a product I can trust?” They’re looking for transparency. As consumers become more sophisticated are you (and your budtenders) ready to stand behind the answers to these questions?

Your assurance of quality

The StrainSecure Seal is quickly being adopted as the single source of trust for consumers. A simple scan of the QR code will tell your customers where the product came from, the results of all testing and the chemical make-up of all product. More importantly, your budtenders can confidently speak to the validity of the products you sell.

With the StrainSecure seal, your customers can now know everything about the products they buy, and you can begin to build confidence in the products you sell.


Now you know

The StrainSecure seal is your guarantee that the cannabis brands you buy will behave in the same way you expect, time and time again.

Many cannabis consumers are frequently frustrated that the product they buy is inconsistent. You want certain strains to convey the feelings and sensations you have come to expect, time and time again. If you buy a strain to calm you, you certainly don’t want to unknowingly buy a brand name that jacks you up the next time.

When you see the StrainSecure seal and QR code, you can be assured with 100 percent confidence that the product you buy has been tracked all the way back to its original genome. The QR code shows you the path the product has taken to get to the shelf, with all of the cannabinoid and terpene profiles needed to help make you much smarter about what you ingest.

With the StrainSecure seal, you can know that the product you buy is chemically pure, free of pesticides and molds. You never again have to settle for a product that has entered the supply chain through the black and gray markets. With StrainSecure, now you know.

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