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Transparency leads to legitimacy


Governments around the world have a sacred trust with their citizens. It’s a binding promise that the products they buy won’t hurt them — all products, including cannabis.

Today’s cannabis industry is desperately seeking legitimacy. It’s moving from the underworld of the illicit drug trade into the light.  And like any other consumer product, it’s only through the full faith and trust of government regulation that end consumers will trust the product. The immutable power of big data is the key to that trust.

For the cannabis industry, only an integrated system that collects and manages millions of data points per minute, including pesticide use, quality control, strain verification, possession limits and serving sizes will have the power to VALIDATE and VERIFY products.

Regulators can only move so fast

The changing economy, technology options and consumer attitudes are changing weekly. Everyone agrees the industry is in its nascent form. As a result, we have seen the legalization of cannabis actually cause the very instability governments are seeking to control. Although testing is mandated, the value chain can skirt verification, reporting testing results that do not always meet regulation standards. Costs are driven up; the gray and black markets continue to prosper and those who are actively committed to playing by the rules are penalized as their business growth and profits are slowed.

Instead of building technology platforms from scratch, many governments are turning to the private sector to help regulate all steps in the supply chain. Some of the tech industry’s greatest minds are applying proven best practices to provide innovative technology solutions that monitor market growth, improve public perception, protect consumer safety and enhance the reputation of government mandated programs and regulations.

This is where StrainSecure comes in

The StrainSecure platform leverages immutable, secure blockchain technology and proprietary track and trace software to provide the validation and verification governments require.

The integrated system harnesses the power of big data to provide strain identification, registration, and verification at every step in the value chain, for every cannabis related product in the industry.

Governments are choosing StrainSecure as the backbone for certification, verification, consumer reporting and the monitoring of federally regulated reporting. It’s a leap forward in helping to legitimize the industry and ensure compliance.


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