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How it works


Cannabis has already become one of the most heavily tested products by regulatory bodies in Canada and around the world. The industry faces unique challenges that StrainSecure was built to address.


Mandatory Testing

Through StrainSecure’s platform and lab-testing partners, the process is more efficient, cutting the administrative burden in half and getting products to market faster.


DNA-Based Product Validation

The underlying technology creates a genetic fingerprint that identifies and validates the product. Any participant on the platform, including consumers, can view and track what’s happening with each product from genome to sale.


Intellectual Property Protection

The StrainSecure platform protects the intellectual property of growers and breeders. For example, if a craft grower creates a popular strain with unique characteristics, they will be able to protect their intellectual property by registering the strain’s genome with StrainSecure.

Data is the key to verification

Clients register by creating an online account with StrainSecure, which starts the process. Organizations and independent growers submit seeds, flower and post-extraction product for testing to a registered testing facility, which then submits test results to StrainSecure. Pre-existing data of genetic cannabis strains can also be submitted via StrainSecure’s verification administrators. The results are added to the user group’s blockchain account. Submissions are entered into StrainSecure, and the transaction is completed and recorded.

Each time an item is tested and verified by the network, a Master Strain Affidavit is auto-generated and given a unique “StrainSecure Address” along with a traceable QR Code. Producers, patients, and consumers are able to verify the test and can also rate the product, write reviews and share opinions. This detail is stored within StrainSecure’s secure technology and, like the test results, cannot be tampered with or modified.


Safety for consumers

Thousands of cannabis strains exist and cultivators are breeding new strains all the time. The proliferation of different cannabis strains can prove problematic for consumers since there are more than 500 known chemical compounds in a single plant. Furthermore, since several dozens of these compounds have been identified as pharmacologically active, it becomes more and more difficult for consumers to know what they are really purchasing. StrainSecure demystifies the seed-to-sale process for all relevant stakeholders including producers, distributors, shippers, government agencies and consumers by creating a Master Strain Certification on an immutable, shared ledger.

The future of legalized cannabis is dependent on being able to quantify the genetics, potency and equivalencies of each cannabis products. The difference is not so much in the name or brand attached to the cannabis, but the DNA of the plant itself. StrainSecure ensures product integrity, safety, regulatory compliance, product licensing and authenticity – all vital elements for the emerging cannabis industry.  

Intellectual property rights for producers

StrainSecure allows for the defense of intellectual property rights for the grower with an authentic, verifiable chain of evidence embedded in the blockchain itself. Proof of ownership for a specific strain of cannabis is paramount in a multibillion-dollar industry. Ownership disputes have already begun in the industry with legal battles underway. Unfortunately, the framework for resolving these disputes has yet to be defined and are not likely to be resolved anytime soon.

Consumers and regulators alike want to know whether a cannabis product sold at a local dispensary is safe and meets quality control standards. Consumers now know who is growing the plant, which seed is planted and where it came from, whether pesticides were used, how much was grown, which tests were used to establish quality and potency, where the product was transported and whether possession limits met regulatory standards.


Now you know

StrainSecure has developed the most comprehensive, secure and community-driven cannabis genetics archival platform on the market. Cannabis breeders and growers, large and small, can protect and release their varieties into the public domain worry free. Consumers can know exactly what they are buying, building a culture of transparency and trust.

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