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Not all labs are created equal


Cannabis companies depend on reputable labs to determine the level of THC in their products or provide data regarding mold, pests or pesticides. But the question remains: Can growers, producers and end customers fully count on all labs to report equally.


They can with StrainSecure. While regulators have set standards in place, consistent enforcement of those standards is still a big question mark. Moreover, growers can secretly substitute product with higher THC to a lab for testing and then use those results for a lesser quality yield. There is little assurance that what the lab has tested is the product the consumer is buying. As a result, there is an increasing lack of trust in a lab’s efficacy.

Protect your lab’s reputation

Labs and testing facilities in the United States and Canada are increasingly looking to StrainSecure to enforce the standard and, using the power of big data, reinforce the credibility of those labs that maintain the highest standards. The blockchain-powered data platform tracks each product from Genome to Sale™, resulting in a more accurate report of every product sold to customers. In the very near future, the best labs will rise to the top and receive premier status as their testing results are verified by other data supplied in the blockchain.

Most experts agree it’s just a matter of time before regulators see the weakness in the current cannabis value chain and increase lab scrutiny by adding formal accreditation. To stay ahead of this coming tide, labs are partnering with StrainSecure to raise the profile of their facility and become a single source of trust for producers.

Molds, pesticides, and insects…oh my.

Recently, Forbes highlighted the challenges facing labs today.

“Testing labs are the cannabis industry’s dirty secret. Cannabis companies depend on these labs to determine the level of THC in their products or give them a pass with regards to mold, pests or pesticides. The problem is that not all labs are created equal.”

“The labs themselves aren’t inspected or graded by any agencies and customers have no idea whether or not products were tested at a reputable lab. Some believe that the problem is standardization, but there are plenty of state standards — the real problem is enforcement…”

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