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Cannabis is growing the U.S. and Canadian economies as the push for decriminalization moves forward.

In fact, as American industries go, its 250,000+ employees far surpassed the 52,300 coal miners in the USA in 2018. That number is expected to grow to 330,000 by 2022, and cannabis lobbyist group the Marijuana Policy Project reports nearly every state has some sort of pro-marijuana legislation at some stage of approval moving toward the 2020 election.

TruTrace CEO Robert Galarza took some time out from Consensus and Blockchain Week to discuss how his company’s StrainSecure platform is leveraging blockchain to resolve the most pressing issues facing the modern cannabis industry.

The company currently operates in California and Canada, two of the most advanced cannabis cultures in the world. California contains Humboldt County, home to the Emerald Triangle, which is known worldwide as the Aalsmeer Flower Auction of pot. Canada joins Uruguay as the only two sovereign states in the world where cannabis is recreationally legal.

Both governments are struggling through growing pains with this emerging industry, and blockchain may hold the answer…

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