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Written for Grow by Robert Galarza, CEO of TruTrace, a company that specializes in using blockchain ledgers to create a trackable system for regulated cannabis.

The latest transgression in the Canadian cannabis industry may have left shareholders lamenting losses, but the true victims are medical cannabis consumers.

With CannTrust putting 12,400 kilograms of cannabis on hold and halting any further sales at this time, patients are left without medicine in a market that is already suffering from lack of access.

Furthermore, bad actors discredit the industry at large which is detrimental to Canada’s first-mover advantage. All eyes are on us to set a precedent and establish an honest, functional industry, but these types of setbacks serve as fodder for the naysayers and anti-cannabis activists.

A new industry is never without its imperfections, but it is imperative that we hold ourselves accountable and do better at setting an example.

Some people are looking for the cannabis industry to fail, and right now — in some respects — we are…

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