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Toronto, Canada, October 24, 2018 – WeedMD Inc. (TSX-V:WMD) (OTCQX:WDDMF) (FSE:4WE)(“WeedMD” or the “Company”), a federally-licensed producer and distributor of medical-grade cannabis, and Blockstrain Technology Corp. (TSXV:DNAX.V) (OTC:DNAXF) (“Blockstrain”) are pleased to announce that they have kicked off the launch of Blockstrain’s proprietary genome tracking software following the collection and registration of WeedMD’s cannabis plant DNA.

Derek Pedro and Curtis Wallace of WeedMD log the genetics of the company’s cannabis strains into the BLOCKStrain database on October 17. These were the first strains officially logged into the BLOCKStrain system, as the company officially launched the commercial version of its software. (CNW Group/BLOCKStrain Technology Corp.)

As Blockstrain’s first commercial client, WeedMD initially registered 40 out of hundreds of proprietary strains developed in-house, guaranteeing that consumers and WeedMD’s B2B customers are getting the cannabis strains they purchased.

“This is significant for our industry and our discerning consumers/customers that expect consistent products be delivered. We are proud to be the first company in Canada that can stand behind its products in a way that is transparent and verifiable,” said Keith Merker, CEO of WeedMD. “We can now confirm instantly through Blockstrain’s technology that our products are authentic and that customers are receiving high quality strains developed by WeedMD, verified as tested for quality and purity.”

“It was an amazing experience to be on hand for the launch of not only our software and genetics collection, but a new era in the development of legal cannabis in Canada,” said Robert Galarza, CEO of Blockstrain. “We are now able to provide consumers with an assurance of quality and can guarantee the provenance of the strains they are buying. Just as importantly, we can now create an immutable record for cannabis cultivators to protect the strains they develop.”

How Blockstrain Works

The Blockstrain solution is designed to expedite DNA testing of cannabis strains, and their registration in a blockchain-enabled database in order to protect the client’s intellectual property and bring actionable quality assurance to the cannabis industry. The software also gives consumers confidence that the strain they are buying is actually the original strain, and not a different strain being sold under a false name.
While the software was primarily developed because of the issues around provenance and cannabis strain integrity; it was also developed because many cannabis cultivators have strains that are licensed to other companies, only to see them pirated and sold with no license fees being paid.

For more information, access WeedMD’s investor presentation here and recently updated corporate video here.

About WeedMD Inc.

WeedMD Inc. is the publicly-traded parent company of WeedMD Rx Inc., a federally-licensed producer and distributor of cannabis and cannabis oil under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (“ACMPR”). The Company operates two facilities: a 26,000 sq. ft. indoor facility in Aylmer, Ontario and a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility located in Strathroy, Ontario. The Greenhouse currently has 44,000 square feet of licensed space in production and is expected to have a total footprint of more than 500,000 square feet online by year-end 2018. WeedMD has a multi-channeled distribution strategy that includes supply agreements with Shoppers Drug Mart and provincial distribution agencies, as well as through strategic relationships across the seniors’ market in Canada.

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